Major facility

Introduction of  our each process and major facility

Mold process

Mold Design
Mold Design
The design which the ease of maintenance also took into consideration is shortening a process, holding down cost and stabilizing accuracy of dimension by the skilled designer working more than 10 years.

Wire EDM cutting
Wire EDM cutting
Liner Driven Wire Electro Spark Machining SL-600G Sodick 2
Liner Driven Wire Electro Spark Machining AQ-535L Sodick 2
Polishing process
Polishing process
A skillful operator realizes high dimensional accuracy.

Surface Grinding Machine NSG64H NICCO 1
Surface Grinding Machine AF515AD NICCO 1
Surface Grinding Machine NFG515AD NICCO 2
Surface Grinding Machine MSG250HMDECO MITSUI High-tec 1
Metallic mold attachment process
Metallic mold attachment process
Although looks easy attach of the metallic mold like toy blocks,it requires skillful technique.
Other machinery and equipment
Other machinery and equipment
Vertical Machining Centers MB46VBE OKUMA 1
Electro Spark Machining DP30 JAPAX 1
Vertical Milling Machine VF ENSHU 2
Vertical Milling Machine VFQ-1 YAMADA Machine 1
Contour Machine V-400 AMADA 1
Sawing Machine H-350SA AMADA 1
Bench Drilling Machine YBD-450 YOSHIDA other 4
Process Machine YAMAZAKI 1
Electric Discharge Machine K1C Sodick 1

Manufacturing process Press

60ton press line
60ton press line
Engaged in production of lamp socket terminals and terminal complex mainly.

Crank Press 60N 60ton ISIS 10
Crank Press NC1-60 Hy-flex 60ton AIDA Engineering 1
40ton press line
40ton press line
Mass-produced goods are produced at high speed.

Crank Press U40 40ton ISIS 3
Crank Press 45C 45ton ISIS 5
Crank Press 40N 40ton ISIS 2
Crank Press 40N-II 40ton ISIS 5
Crank Press NC1-45 Hy-flex 45ton AIDA Engineering 1
110~160ton press line
110~160ton press line
Mainly produce thick product of board thickness such as a battery terminal.

Crank Press NS2-1600 Hy-flex 160ton AIDA Engineering 2
Crank Press NC1-1100 Hy-flex 110ton AIDA Engineering 4
Crank Press NS1-1100 Hy-flex 110ton AIDA Engineering 2
35ton press line
35ton press line
Mainly carrying out bending complex and press fit of stud bolt etc. Progressive dies can not do it.

Crank Press NC-1 35Hy-flex 35ton AIDA Engineering 9
Crank Press OBS-35 35ton KOMATSU 3
Other machinery and equipment
Other machinery and equipment
Crank Press 25C 25ton ISIS 4
Crank Press 10ton DOBBY 6
Crank Press 20ton DOBBY 1
Bench Crank Power Press 5ton JAM 10
Bench Crank Power Press 3ton CGK 3
Oil Hydraulic Press 3ton JAM 1
Oil Hydraulic Press 5ton JAM 1
Tapping Machine BT6-311 BROTHER 2
3-Tank Ultrasonic Cleaner CM-340 ULTRASONICEngineering 1
2-Tank Ultrasonic Cleaner DC-30F28 ULTRASONICEngineering 1
AST-Shirring AST520 AIZAWA 1

Assembly process

Automatic assembly machine
Automatic assembly machine
While shortening the cycle time by the assembly machine developed in-house,we have carried out image inspection in one operation.

Automatic Terminal Ring Wearing Machine - Its company make 7
Automatic Assembly Machine of Shell - Its company make 3

Inspection process

Appearance Inspection
Appearance Inspection
Total inspection is carried out about initial standup parts and special parts.
We have always inspected in the same way as manuals,and have checked the inspection instruction documents because missed inspection is a strict prohibition.
Projector、CNC-Image measuring instrument
Projector、CNC-Image measuring instrument
Using the profile projector and CNC vision measuring system,we have measured dimensions of the product in the Dimensions laboratory.

Image DimensionMeasuring System IM-6225 KEYENCE 1
Profile Projectors PJ311 MITUTOYO 1
Profile Projectors PJ-H3000F MITUTOYO 1
Profile Projectors PJ-H30 MITUTOYO 1
Profile Projectors V-24B NIKON 1
Push-Pull、Measuring microscope、Small load meter
Push-Pull、Measuring microscope、Small load meter
Functional testing of the product has used force testing machine and push-pull, and we are measuring product dimension on microscope inspection.

Measuring Microscope MF1020 MITUTOYO 3
Push-Pull MV-100 IMADA 1
Push-Pull Z2-100N IMADA 5
Push-Pull Z2-5000N IMADA 1
Push-Pull DPX-10 IMADA 1
Push-Pull DS2-500N IMADA 2
Force Testing Machine MODEL130 AIKOH ENGINEERING 1
Digital Microscope VHF-500F KEYENCE 1
Stereo Microscope PSZ44 Carton 7
Inspection equipment
Inspection equipment
A person in charge managed each Inspection tool,daily check is carried out every day at the time of use, and it proofread external annually.
To thoroughly cleaning and Seiton (neatness & tidiness),all the employees try to be able to make it natural, and also safely is performing sufficient consideration.