Major product

Automotive parts Product Examples

The products which manufactured processed in our company (earth terminal for body, socket for pin lamp, terminals for power window, fuse box, etc...) are used in a lot of the car.

Please click the image of the car in various parts that provide below, you can see some of our products and manufacturing processing.

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Fuse BOX , Bus bar relay BOX
Earth terminal body
Lamp socket terminals
Battery terminals
Terminal for power windows

Other Product Examples

Sorry, we can not show you our all products, because must keep privacy with business partners. But we can show some products, face down the information that used what kind of products and parts. In particular we are good at press processing of copper elongation material.

press working parts 1 press working parts 2 press working parts 3
press working parts 4 press working parts 5 We correspond a wide range from mass production of a wide variety to small lot production.